Physician Recruiter

As a Physician Recruiter you will be responsible for successfully identifying and qualifying healthcare providers, as well as development of recruitment strategies to support the staffing goals of our company and its clients. You will maintain a pipeline of providers by continued communication via phone and email in order to place providers at our locations. The ideal candidate will be confident, persuasive and unafraid of cold calling, in order to effectively recruit healthcare providers by matching provider skill, license, and credentials to company quality standards. They will also need to maintain relationships with providers by continued communication via phone and email.

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Please complete our basic application and fax back to us at
1-800-611-5029 (f) or return via email to

If you have any questions please call us at 1-888-264-0330 or 972-829-6613.

Concord provides quality physicians that understand the challenge of rural health care services and provide the administration support to insure we are satisfied.

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