At Concord Medical Group, we are dedicated to partnering with healthcare organizations in order to provide excellent patient care, increase revenue, and run more efficiently. We help hospitals, clinics, urgent care centers, and surgical facilities with management strategies, staffing, and recruitment. Through cultivating long-term, collaborative relationships, we maximize quality care and customer service. We are ready to meet your needs.

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Harris Brooks, CEO
Palo Pinto General Hospital

“The agreement … with Concord has turned out to be excellent for Palo Pinto General Hospital and for our patients. You have worked with us closely to assure us that each physician you present for coverage in our Emergency Department fits our needs and understands working in a rural hospital. I can say that you have proven yourself to us. The issues in our ER have declined and our patients are seen in a timely and professional manner. The complaints about billing have come to an abrupt halt. Should there be an issue, Concord makes themselves available and addresses it. The communication lines are always open with you and our physicians. Our partnership is an excellent one that we anticipate lasting for many years.”

Hospital Administrator
Colorado-Fayette Medical Center

“I did want to share with you a compliment (re: Doctor). I had a patient’s family stop by the other day to voice their appreciation of the care (Doctor) took of their loved one. They were impressed with her bedside manner, her skills, and her overall professional demeanor. Their loved one is recuperating and doing better and they are very thankful for CFMC and Doctor.” “I have been very impressed with the ER doctors. It’s refreshing to have the number of compliments we are receiving. VERY REFRESHING!!! Keep up the great work!!!!”